Esther Schnerr
Signature Art Prize
finalist 2021
‘Paused at the edge of the world,
in a long quiet moment
that asks for reflection
on what was and what will be’
‘In a monochrome play of light and dark, realism and abstraction, we encounter imagery we think recognize but do not’

Esther Schnerr studied painting at the Classical Academy in Groningen. She is fascinated by evolution and the impact of man on nature. In her drawings she incorporates themes that both facilitate and threaten life: the Cambrian Sea, camouflage, the oxygen crisis. The themes are digitally translated into collages that serve as the basis for monumental images. The material - pencil on paper - is sombre, but the dimensions (225 x 150 cm) and the complexity of the representation create a sumptuous impression. On the wall, the drawings transform into gobelin-like scenes that both evoke a direct experience and invite research. The performance is more or less abstract, but always a fictitious representation of the theme; there is room for fantasy and interpretation.